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Here are some examples of algebraic reasoning word problems. The videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method or Tape Diagrams (Common Core) to solve word problems. Go to Math Word Problems for more examples.

How to solve Algebra Word Problems using Singapore Math?

Solving Word Problems with Singapore Math
Nya Started Saving some money on Monday. Each Day She Saved $2.00 more than the day before. By Friday Nya had saved $35.00 Find the amount Nya saved on Wednesday.

Learn Singapore Math (Bar Modeling)
Jake is 3 years older than Kyla and 2 years younger than Larry. The total of their ages is 41 years. How Old is Jake?

Bar Modeling (Singapore Math)
There are 8 more women than men at a meeting. There were 20 people total at the meeting. How many men were at the meeting?

Algebra Singapore Maths

  1. The length of a piece of cloth is 8y m. Mr. Lim cuts 7 m from it to sew some cushion covers.Then, he cut 3y m to sew a curtain. The remaining material was cut into 4 equal piece. How long was each piece in terms of y?
  2. On Monday, Linus made 5k paper cranes and gave away 2k paper cranes to his friends. On Tuesday, he made another 4k paper cranes. His friend gave him 5 paper cranes. How many paper cranes does he have now in terms of k?
  3. At a market, a pear cost b cents and an apple cost 7 cents less than a pear. Mrs. Ravi bought 4 pears and an apple. Find the total amount Mrs. Ravi paid in terms of b.
  4. Rahim has 5 boxes of sweets. Each box contains y sweets. His teacher gives him another 8 sweets.
    (a) Find the total number of sweets Rahim has in terms of y?
    (b) If y = 4, how many sweets does Rahim have altogether?

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