Algebra I Regents Exam - June 2022

High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED.
The following are the worked solutions for the Algebra 1 (Common Core) Regents High School Examination June 2022.

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Algebra I Regents New York State Exam - June 2022

Algebra I Regents New York State Exam Questions June 2022 (pdf)
Algebra I Regents New York State Exam June 2022 Rating Guide (pdf)

Solutions for Questions 1 - 24

  1. Which correlation shows a causal relationship?
  2. Given f(x) = 3x - 5, which statement is true?
  3. At Benny’s Café, a mixed-greens salad costs $5.75. Additional toppings can be added for $0.75 each. Which function could be used to determine the cost, c(s), in dollars, of a salad with s additional toppings?
  4. Which expression is equivalent to x2 = 5x - 6?
  5. Peter has $100 to spend on drinks for his party. Bottles of lemonade cost $2 each, and juice boxes cost $0.50 each. If x is the number of bottles of lemonade and y is the number of juice boxes, which inequality models this situation?
  6. Which domain is most appropriate for a function that represents the number of items, f(x), placed into a laundry basket each day, x, for the month of January?
  7. What is the solution to 3/2 b + 5 < 17?
  8. Which table of values represents an exponential relationship?
  9. Which expression is not equivalent to (52x)3?
  10. Which relation is a function?
  11. The formula Ax + By = C represents the equation of a line in standard form. Which expression represents y in terms of A, B, C, and x?
  12. What are the zeros of f(x) = (2x - 4)(3x + 4)?
  13. Joe has dimes and nickels in his piggy bank totaling $1.45. The number of nickels he has is 5 more than twice the number of dimes, d. Which equation could be used to find the number of dimes he has?
  14. Donna and Andrew compared their math final exam scores from grade 8 through grade 12. Their scores are shown below.
  15. The first term in a sequence is 5 and the fifth term is 17. What is the common difference?
  16. A quadratic function and a linear function are graphed on the same set of axes. Which situation is not possible?
  17. The expression (m - 3)2 is equivalent to
  18. Mrs. Rossano asked her students to explain why (3,-4) is a solution to 2y + 3x = 1. Three student responses are given below.
  19. Four quadratic functions are shown below
  20. An example of a sixth-degree polynomial with a leading coefficient of seven and a constant term of four is
  21. In the equation A P(1 ± r)t, A is the total amount, P is the principal amount, r is the annual interest rate, and t is the time in years. Which statement correctly relates information regarding the annual interest rate for each given equation?
  22. It takes Tim 4.5 hours to run 50 kilometers. Which expression will allow him to change this rate to minutes per mile?
  23. When the equation
  24. If a sequence is defined recursively
  25. Is the product of
  26. Describe the transformations performed on the graph of
  27. The total profit earned at a garage sale during the first five hours is modeled by the graph shown below
  28. Subtract
  29. A function is graphed on the set of axes below.
  30. Solve
  31. Factor
  32. Determine the exact values of x for x2 - 8x - 5 = 0 by completing the square.
  33. The graph below models the height of Sam’s kite over a period of time.
  34. On the set of axes below
  35. An insurance agent is looking at records to determine if there is a relationship between a driver’s age and percentage of accidents caused by speeding. The table below shows his data.
  36. Solve the system of inequalities graphically on the set of axes below.
  37. At an amusement park, the cost for an adult admission is a, and for a child the cost is c. For a group of six that included two children, the cost was $325.94. For a group of five that included three children, the cost was $256.95. All ticket prices include tax. Write a system of equations, in terms of a and c, that models this situation. Use your system of equations to determine the exact cost of each type of ticket algebraically.

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