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Algebra 2/ Trigonometry Regents - January 2013

High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED. The following are the worked solutions for the Algebra 2/ Trigonometry Regents High School Examination January 2013.

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January 2013 Algebra 2/ Trigonometry Regents Exam

Algebra 2/ Trigonometry - January 2013 Regents - Q #1 - 5

1. What is the equation of the graph shown below?
2. Which ordered pair is a solution of the system of equations shown
x + y = 5
(x + 3)2 + (y - 3)2 = 53
3. The relationship between t, a student's test scores, and d, the student's success in college, is modeled by the equation d = 0.48t +75.2. Based on this linear regression model, the correlation coefficient could be
4. What is the common ratio of the geometric sequence shown below?
5. Given the relation {(8,2), (3,6), (7,5), (k,4)}, which value of k will result in the relation not being a function? Algebra 2/ Trigonometry - January 2013 Regents - Q #6 - 10

6. Which expression is equivalent to (9x2y6)-1/2?
7. In a certain high school, a survey revealed the mean amount of bottled water consumed by students each day was 153 bottles with a standard deviation of 22 bottles. Assuming the survey represented a normal distribution, what is the range of the number of bottled waters that approximately 68.2% of the students drink?
8. What is the fourth term in the binomial expansion (x -2)8?
9. Which value of k satisfies the equation 83k+4 = 42k-1?
10. There are eight people in a tennis club. Which expression can be used to find the number of different ways they can place first, second, and third in a tournament? Algebra 2/ Trigonometry -  January 2013 Regents - Q #11 - 15

11. If sin A = 1/3 , what is the value of cos 2A?
12. In the interval, tan x is undefined when x equals
13. Given f(x) what are its domain and range?
14. When x2 + 3x - 4 is subtracted from x3 + 3x2 - 2x, the difference is
15. In the diagram below, the length of which line segment is equal the exact value of sin θ?

Algebra 2/ Trigonometry -  January 2013 Regents - Q #16 - 20

16. The area of triangle ABC is 42. If AB  8 and m∠B  61, the length of BC is approximately
17. When factored completely, the expression 3x3 - 5x2 - 48x + 80 is equivalent to
18. The value of sin (180 + x) is equivalent to
19. The sum of radicals
20. Which equation is represented by the graph below? Algebra 2/ Trigonometry -  January 2013 Regents - Q #21 - 25

21. The quantities p and q vary inversely. If p = 20 when q = -2, and p = x when q = -2x + 2, then x equals
22. Find the solution set of the equation that involves secant
23. The discriminant of a quadratic equation is 24. The roots are
24. How many different six-letter arrangements can be made using the letters of the word "TATTOO"?
25. Expressed in simplest form, 3y/(2y - 6) + 9/(6 - 2y) is equivalent to ... Algebra 2/ Trigonometry - January 2013 Regents - Q #26 - 30

26. If log 2 = a and log 3 = b, the expression log 9/20 is equivalent to
27. The expression (x + i)2 - (x - i)2 is equivalent to
28. Determine the sum of the first twenty terms of the sequence whose first five terms are 5, 14, 23, 32, and 41.
29. Determine the sum and the product of the roots of 3x2 = 11x - 6.
30. If sec (a + 15) = csc (2a), find the smallest positive value of a, in degrees. Algebra 2/ Trigonometry -  January 2013 Regents - Q #31 - 35

31. The heights, in inches, of 10 high school varsity basketball players are 78, 79, 79, 72, 75, 71, 74, 74, 83, and 71. Find the interquartile range of this data set.
32. Solve the equation 6x2 - 2x - 3 = 0 and express the answer in simplest radical form.
33. The number of bacteria present in a Petri dish can be modeled by the function N  50e3t, where N is the number of bacteria present in the Petri dish after t hours. Using this model, determine, to the nearest hundredth, the number of hours it will take for N to reach 30,700.
34. Determine the solution of the inequality
35. Convert 3 radians to degrees and express the answer to the nearest minute. More Questions, Worked Solutions and Revision Resources for the Math Regents Examination

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