Algebra 2 and Trigonometry - Fall 2009, Part 5

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High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED.

Download the questions for 2009 Algebra2 /Trigonometry Fall Sampler Regents Exam.

Fall 2009 Regents Exam

Q #17 - 2009 Algebra2 /Trigonometry Fall Sampler
17. Factored completely, the expression 6x - x3 - x2 is equivalent to
(1) x(x + 3)(x - 2)
(2) x(x - 3)(x + 2)
(3) -x(x - 3)(x + 2)
(4) -x(x + 3)(x - 2)

Q #18 - 2009 Algebra2 /Trigonometry Fall Sampler
Adding and subtracting radicals
18. The expression 4ab√2b − 3a√18b3 + 7ab√6b is equivalent to

Q #19 - 2009 Algebra2 /Trigonometry Fall Sampler
Binomial Theorem
19. What is the fourth term in the expansion of (3x - 2)5?

Q #20 - 2009 Algebra2 /Trigonometry Fall Sampler
Complex Expressions
Written in simplest form, the expression (x/4 - 1/4)/(1/2x + 1/4) is equivalent to

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