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Algebra Word Problems (Numbers)

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1. Ben is ten years older than Fred. Next year, Bob will be twice as old as Fred, How old is Fred now?
2. In a talent show there were three contestants taking part and 312 people voting. The winner has 43 more votes than the 2nd placed person and twice the number of votes as the 3rd placed person. How many votes did the winner receive?
3. Pencils cost y pence. Pens cost 10p more than twice that of a pencil. Ben buys 3 pencils and 4 pens and gets $2.40 change from a fiver. How much does one pen cost?
4. The sum of two numbers is 39 and their difference is 9. What are the two numbers?
5. A family of 2 adults and 2 children go to the cinema. Their tickets cost a total of $14.00. Another family of 1 adult and 4 children go to the same cinema and their bill is $13.60. How much is an adult ticket and how much is a child ticket?

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