Algebra Word Problems (Speed, Distance, Time)

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GCSE Maths Revision
Compound Measures and Speed

  1. The distance from Birmingham to Swansea is 155km. Nitesh drove from Birmingham to Swansea in 2 1/2 hours. Work out Nitesh’s average speed for this journey.
  2. The distance from Glasgow to Liverpool is 348km. Susan drove from Glasgow to Liverpool at an average speed of 40km/h. Work out the time, in hours and minutes, her journey took.
  3. Changes a speed of 85 m/s to km/h.
  4. The travel graph shows some information about the flight of an aeroplane from London to Rome and back again.
    a. At what time did the aeroplane arrive in Rome?
    b. For how long did the aeroplane remain in Rome?
    c. How many hours did the flight back take?
    d. Work out the average speed, in kilometres per hour, of the aeroplane from London to Rome.
    e. Estimate the distance of the aeroplane from Rome
    i. at 12:30
    ii. at 15:12

Compound measures
Speed and Density
Maths Core Skills GCSE

GCSE Maths
Speed Distance Time

  1. John walks at 3mph for 4 hours. How far does he walk?
  2. It takes Sue 2 hours to travel 8km. What is her average speed?
  3. Pete jogged 18 miles at 6 mph. How long did it take him to complete the 18 miles?
  4. Freda travelled at 67.5 mph for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Find how far she travelled.
  5. Colin covered 32.7 km in 3 and a quarter hours. Find his average speed.
  6. A particle travels 14.2 km in 37 minutes. Find its average speed.
  7. A train travels 780 m in 32 seconds. Find the average speed in km/h.
  8. It takes an aeroplane 6 1/2 hours to travel from London to the USA, a distance of 3,500 miles.
    a) What was the average speed?
    b) If the same aeroplane travels from London to Spain, a distance of x miles, write down in terms of x the time taken.
    c) If the same aeroplane travels from London to Italy in y minutes, write in terms of y for the distance travelled.
  9. Bill enters a 30 km race. He runs the first 20 km at a speed of x km per hour and the last 10 km at (x - 5) kph. His total time for the race was 4 hours.
    a) Write down an equation in terms of x and solve it.
    b) What are his speeds for the two parts of the run?
  10. Bill and Dan take part in a fun run. Bill’s average speed is (x + 4) kph and Dan’s is (3x) kph. Bill completes his run in (x - 1) hours and Dan in (x - 2) hours.
    a) Write down two expressions representing the distance travelled by both runners.
    b) Combine these expressions to find the value of x.
    c) What was Bill’s speed?

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