Algebra 2 Regents Exam - Jan 2020

High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED.
The following are the worked solutions for the Algebra 2 (Common Core) Regents High School Examination January 2020.

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Algebra 2 Regents New York State Exam - January 2020

Algebra 2 Regents New York State Exam Questions January 2020 (pdf)

Algebra 2 Regents Exam Jan. 2020 Part 1 (Solutions 1 - 9)

Algebra 2 Regents Exam Jan. 2020 Part 2 (Solutions 10 - 18)

Algebra 2 Regents Exam Jan. 2020 Part 3 (Solutions 19 - 24)

  1. The expression 4√(81x8y6 is equivalent to
  2. Chet has $1200 invested in a bank account modeled by the function P(n) = 1200(1.002)n, where P(n) is the value of his account, in dollars, after n months. Chet’s debt is modeled by the function Q(n) = 100n, where Q(n) is the value of debt, in dollars, after n months. After n months, which function represents Chet’s net worth, R(n)?
  3. Emmeline is working on one side of a polynomial identity proof used to form Pythagorean triples. Her work is shown below:
  4. Susan won $2,000 and invested it into an account with an annual interest rate of 3.2%. If her investment were compounded monthly, which expression best represents the value of her investment after t years?
  5. Consider the end behavior description below
  6. The expression (x + a)2 + 5(x + a) + 4 is equivalent to
  7. Given x ≠ -2, the expression
  8. Which situation best describes conditional probability?
  9. Which expression is not a solution to the equation 2t = √10?
  10. What is the solution set of x = √(3x + 40)?
  11. Consider the data in the table below
    What is the probability that a randomly selected person is male given the person is left handed?
  12. The function N(x) = 90(0.86)x + 69 can be used to predict the temperature of a cup of hot chocolate in degrees Fahrenheit after x minutes. What is the approximate average rate of change of the temperature of the hot chocolate, in degrees per minute, over the interval [0, 6]?
  13. A recursive formula for the sequence 40, 30, 22.5, … is
  14. The J & B candy company claims that 45% of the candies it produces are blue, 30% are brown, and 25% are yellow. Each bag holds 65 candies. A simulation was run 200 times, each of sample size 65, based on the premise that 45% of the candies are blue. The results of the simulation are shown below
  15. Which investigation technique is most often used to determine if a single variable has an impact on a given population?
  16. As θ increases from - π/2 to 0 radians, the value of cos θ will
  17. Consider the following patterns:
  18. Consider the system below
  19. Which statement regarding polynomials and their zeros is true?
  20. If a solution of 2(2x - 1) = 5x2 is expressed in simplest a + bi form, the value of b is
  21. Which value, to the nearest tenth, is the smallest solution of f(x) = g(x) if f(x) = 3sin(1/2 x) - 1 and g(x) = x3 - 2x + 1?
  22. Expressed in simplest a + bi form, (7 - 3i) + (x - 2i)2 - (4i + 2x2) is
  23. Written in simplest form, the fraction
  24. According to a study, 45% of Americans have type O blood. If a random number generator produces three-digit values from 000 to 999, which values would represent those having type O blood?

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