Addition Word Problems (2-step word problems)

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Here are some examples of addition word problems that can be solved in two steps. We will illustrate how block diagrams can be used to help you to visualize the addition word problems in terms of the information given and the data that needs to be found. Block diagrams are used in Singapore Math.


The price of a computer is $1709, the price of a printer is $280, and the price of a scanner is $190. What is the total cost of the three items?


Step 1: Find the total cost of the computer and the printer.

addition word problem

1709 + 280 = 1989
The total cost of the computer and the printer is $1989.

Step 2: Find the total cost of the 3 items.

2-step word problem

1989 + 190 = 2179
The total cost of the 3 items is $2179.


Lily saved $1620. Poly saved $1923 more than Lily. How much did they save altogether?


2-step addition word problem

Step 1: Find out how much Lily saved.
1620 + 1923 = 3543
Lily saved $3543.

Step 2: Find how much they saved altogether.

1620 + 3543 = 5163
They saved $5163 altogether.


Dan paid $155 for a printer and $378 more for a computer. How much did Dan pay for the 2 items altogether?


Step 1: Find out how much Dan paid for the computer.
155 + 378 = 533
Dan paid $533 for the computer.

Step 2: Find how much Dan paid for the two items altogether.

155 + 533 = 688
Dan paid $688 for the 2 items.

How to solve a two-step addition word problem?
50 children attended the birthday party. 13 children left during the first hour. 9 children came in during the second hour. How many children were at the birthday party then?

How to use tape diagrams to solve a word problem?
Rose has 12 soccer practices this month. Six practices are in the afternoon, but the rest are in the morning. How many practices will there be in the morning?

How to solve a comparison addition word problems using bar models?

  1. Taylor had #23.00 more than Michelle. If Michelle had $75.00, how much money did they have altogether?
  2. Jeremy had 17 songs on his playlist than Suzanne. If Suzanne had 38 songs on her playlist, how many songs do they have altogether?
  3. Sally had 18 crayons. Jenny had 10 crayons, and Mark had 5 crayons. They decided, they’d put their crayons together and share them equally. How many crayons did each student get?
  4. Danny has 6 toy cars, Tony has 3 toy cars, and Annie has 3 toy cars. They put their toy cars together so they can split them equally. How many toy vars will each child receive?

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