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Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Videos, worksheets, solutions and activities to help students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in Singapore Math.

Number to 100/ Addition and Subtraction within 100:
Section C Question 48
Word Problem
Example: Sam baked 78 cookies. He gave 20 cookies to his uncle and 15 cookies to his aunt. Then he baked another 10 cookies. How many cookies did he have at the end?
Multiplication and Division: Section A Questions 6-10
1) Taking 4 away from 3 gives ___
2) Which of the following gives 15?
3) Which of the following does not give 20?
4) Which of the following sentence is true?
5) Which of the following means the same as 4 × 56?

Multiplication and Division: Section C Question 49
Word Problem Example
Example: Thomas bought 22 apples. After eating 2 of them, he put the rest of the apples back into bags of 4. How many bags would he need?

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