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Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers

Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, and activities to help Algebra students how to add and subtract real numbers in real life applications.

Adding and subtracting real numbers application
On a cold winter day in Denver, the morning temperature was 7° Fahrenheit. By noon, it had fallen 9° and by 5pm that afternoon, it fell another 6°. What was the temperature at 5pm?
Adding and subtracting real numbers
Find 15 + 12 - (-8) + (-15.5) + 3.2

Subtracting real numbers
Evaluate 3 1/2 - x when x = 5 and x = -5.
Application of addition of real numbers
At the beginning of the week, Stewart's checking account had a balance of -$15.08. On Monday morning, he deposited a check for $426.90. On Tuesday morning, he deposited another check for $100.00. How much was in Stewart's checking account after the second deposit?

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