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Add Measurements using the Standard Algorithm

Free math video lessons with examples and worked solutions to help Grade 3 students learn how to add measurements using the standard algorithm to compose larger units once.

Common Core Standards: 3.NBT.2, 3.NBT.1, 3.MD.1, 3.MD.2

New York State Common Core Math Module 2, Grade 3, Lesson 15

NYS Math Module 2 Grade 3 Lesson 15 Homework

1. Find the sums below. Choose mental math or the algorithm.
a. 75 cm + 7 cm =
d. 283 g + 92 g =

3. There are 75 students in Grade 3. There are 44 more students in Grade 4 than in Grade 3. How many students are in Grade 4? Use a tape diagram to model your thinking.

4. Mr. Green’s sunflower grew 29 centimeters in one week. The next week it grew 5 centimeters more. What is the total number of centimeters the sunflower grew in 2 weeks?

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