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Videos, games, activities and worksheets to help students and parents compare the ACT and the SAT.

How to Decide?
The makers of the SAT and ACT have promised to make both tests available to students in the fall 2020 —in person and/or online. Taking one of these exams can help give you an edge when you apply for admission and financial aid. To figure out which one you should invest time in, you’ll need to consider personal preference as well as audience.

How the ACT Is Changing?
What You Need to Know?
The ACT is getting 3 big changes in 2020. This video walks you through what you need to know about superscoring, section retesting, and computer-based testing—and how the ACT updates will affect your test prep and college applications.

Big Changes Announced to the SAT
The SAT is getting 3 big changes in 2021.

  1. SAT Subject Tests will be discontinued in the U.S.
  2. The optional SAT Essay has been eliminated.
  3. The SAT will become more flexible.

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