ACT Questions: Pre-Algebra

Videos, solutions, and examples to help ACT students review some pre-algebra questions.

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ACT Math Video Solution #1
Absolute Values
What is the value of |-10| - |5 - 16|?

ACT Math: Ratio Charts
Use ratio charts to solve problems about proportions.
The ratio of dogs to cats in a pet store is 2:7 and there are 10 dogs. If there are only cats and dogs in the store, how many total pets are there?

Pre-Algebra Problem (EASY)
Pre-Algebra word problem on ratios and proportions.
Juanita, David and Lauren decided to work together to search for a lost dog. The friends agreed that if they found the dog, they would split the $200 reward proportionally, corresponding to how much time each individual spent searching. The next day, Juanita found the dog after she searched for 5 hours, David searched for 4 hours, and Lauren had searched for 6 hours. What was Lauren’s share of the reward money, in dollars?

Pre-Algebra Problem (MEDIUM)
Pre-Algebra problem on arithmetic sequences.
Consider the arithmetic sequence shown below. Which of the following statements about this sequence is true?
10, 7, 4, 1, …
F. The sum of the first five terms is 23.
G. The common ratio of consecutive terms is 3.
H. The common difference of consecutive terms is 3.
J. The 5th term is -3.
K. The 6th term is -5.

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