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Videos, examples, solutions, activities and worksheets to help ACT students review some intermediate algebra questions.

ACT Math Video Solution #2
Factoring a quadratic
Which of the following is a factor of p2 - 4p - 12?
A. p + 6
B. p - 4
C. p + 3
D. p - 2
E. p - 6

ACT Mathematics Elementary Algebra Problem
This question asks you to find an expression to describe the relationship between two variables.
Jack is a newborn baby who spends 60% of his time sleeping. Out of the other 40% of his time, 60% is spent either eating, burping, or having his diaper changed. What percent of Jack’s total time is left for playing?
A. 0%
B. 16%
C. 20%
D. 24%
E. 40

Consecutive Odd Integers {ACT - Elementary Algebra}
m, n, and p are three consecutive positive odd integers such that m < n < p. If their sum is 45, what is the value of mp?
A. 30
B. 90
C. 195
D. 221
E. 224

ACT Math Test: Elementary Algebra Problem
Here’s an elementary algebra problem for you to try.
If x2 = 81 and y2 = 25, which of the following is a possible value of x + y?
A. -15
B. -4
C. 10
D. 18
E. 106

Hours Worked {ACT - Elementary Algebra}
A consultant charges $45 for each hour she works on a consultation, plus a flat $30 consulting fee. How may hours of work are included in a $210 bill for a consultation?
F. 2 4/5
G. 4
H. 4 2/3
J. 5 1/2
K. 7

Combining Like Terms {ACT - Elementary Algebra}
t2 - 59t + 54 - 82t2 + 60t is equivalent to:
F. -26t2
G. -26t6
H. -81t4 + t2 + 54
J. -81t2 + t + 54
K. -82t2 + t + 54

Consecutive Integers {ACT - Elementary Algebra}
The 6 consecutive integers below add up to 447.
x - 2
x - 1
x + 1
x + 2
x + 3
What is the value of x?
F. 72
G. 73
H. 74
J. 75
K. 76

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