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In these lessons, we will learn abstract nouns.

Words for ideas, feelings and other things that you cannot touch are called abstract nouns. Words for things that you can touch are called concrete nouns.

Some examples of abstract nouns are:

love peace
hatred sympathy
anger pride
honesty compassion
courage loyalty
skill deceit
beauty truth
idea lie

Some abstract nouns can be formed by adding ness to the adjectives.

Adjectives Abstract Nouns
kind kindness
soft softness
willing willingness
dark darkness
sweet sweetness
forgetful forgetfulness
friendly friendliness
lonely loneliness
dry dryness
shy shyness

Some abstract nouns end in ion.

action intention
addition invasion
ambition promotion
confusion tradition
decision repetition
education submission

Some abstract nouns end in y, ty or ity.

jealousy majesty
courtesy honesty
robbery activity
fantasy eternity
penalty popularity
poverty unity


Introduction to English Nouns
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Types of Nouns: Proper, Common, Concrete, Abstract, Singular, Plural, Possessive

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