7th Grade Ratio Word Problems

The following are some examples and solutions 7th Grade Math Word Problems that deals with fractions and percents.

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7th Grade Math Word Problems 1

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These are Grade 7 word problems from a Singapore text. The problems are solved both algebra (the way it is generally done in the US) and using block diagrams (the way it was shown in the Singapore text). You can then decide which one you prefer.

Singapore Math 5 (A Grade 7 Algebra Word Problem from a Singapore text)
Ivan went to a store and spent 1/3 of his money on a book. He then spent 2/5 of his remaining money on a computer game. After that, he then spent 1/4 of his remaining money on a CD. Finally, he spent 1/6 of the remaining money on a candy bar. After buying the four items, he was left with $15. How much money did he have originally, that is, before he purchased the book?

Mr. Lee bought a bag of snacks. 3/4 of the snacks are yogurt bars and the remaining snacks are chocolate bars. His sons will share the chocolate bars equally among themselves and his daughters will share the yogurt bars equally among themselves. Each son got 1/8 of the snacks, while each daughter got 1/4 of the snacks.
a) How many sons and daughters does Mr. Lee have?
b) If each son got 3 chocolate bars and each daughter got 6 yogurt bars, how many snacks did Mr. Lee buy?

There are 600 children on a field. 30% of them were boys. After 5 teams of boys join the children on the field, the percentage of children who were boys increased to 40%. How many boys were there in the 5 teams altogether?

Seventh Grade Singapore Problem
Jim had 103 red and blue marbles. After giving 2/5 of his blue marbles and 15 of his red marbles to Samantha, Jim had 3/7 as many red marbles as blue marbles. How many blue marbles did he have originally?

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