Edexcel Jan 2022 IGCSE 4MA1/2HR

Edexcel IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 4MA1/2HR.

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Edexcel Jan 2022 IGCSE, 4MA1/2HR questions (pdf)

  1. A tin contains tea bags with a choice of four different flavours of tea.
    The four flavours of tea are Assam or Darjeeling or Nilgiri or Rize.
    Sara takes at random a tea bag from the tin.
    The table shows each of the probabilities that the flavour of the tea Sara takes is Assam or Darjeeling or Rize.
  2. Mary saves for a holiday each year.
    In 2020 she saved a total of $720
    In 2021, each month she saved $78
    The total amount Mary saved in 2021 was P% more than the total she saved in 2020
    (a) Work out the value of P
    Roberto is going to go on holiday.
    He has two coupons that will save him money on his holiday.
  3. (a) Solve 4y + 5 > 12
  4. The diagram shows a regular octagon ABCDEFGH and a regular pentagon ABIJK
  5. Shane invests 7200 dollars for 3 years in a savings account.
    He gets 2.5% per year compound interest.
    How much money will Shane have in his savings account at the end of 3 years?
    Give your answer to the nearest dollar.

  1. (a) Write down the value of x0
  2. (a) Write down an equation of the straight line with gradient –3 and which passes through the point with coordinates (0, 5)
    (b) Show, by shading on the grid, the region defined by all three of the inequalities
  3. A scientist is investigating the weight of 50 tigers.
    Here is some information about these tigers.
  4. In the diagram, ABC is a right-angled triangle and DEF is a semicircular arc.
  5. The table gives information about the population and the total amount of money, in dollars, spent on healthcare for two countries in 2016
  6. (a) Complete the table of values for
  7. The diagram shows two vertical phone masts, AB and CD, on horizontal ground.
  8. a =
  9. A group of 60 students each sat an algebra test and a geometry test.
    Each test was marked out of 110
    The cumulative frequency graph gives information about the marks gained by the 60 students in the algebra test.
  10. Make t the subject of
  11. The diagram shows quadrilateral ABCD
    The angle BCD is acute.
    Given that the area of triangle BCD = 405cm2
    work out the size of angle ABD
    Give your answer correct to one decimal place.
  12. Part of the curve with equation y = f(x) is shown on the grid.
    Find an estimate for the gradient of the curve at the point where x = 2
    Show your working clearly.
  13. The line with equation 2y = x + 1 intersects the curve with equation 3y2 + 7y + 16 = x2 – x at the points A and B
    Find the coordinates of A and the coordinates of B
    Show clear algebraic working.
  14. ABCD is a horizontal rectangular field.
  15. y is inversely proportional to √x
    x is directly proportional to T3
    Given that y = 8 when T = 25
    find the exact value of T when y = 27
  16. The diagram shows a solid made from a cylinder and a hemisphere.
    The cylinder and the hemisphere are both made from the same metal.
    The plane face of the hemisphere coincides with the upper plane face of the cylinder.
    The radius of the cylinder and the radius of the hemisphere are both x cm.
    The height of the cylinder is 3x cm.
    The total surface area of the solid is 81π cm2
    The mass of the solid is 840 grams.
    The following table gives the density of each of four metals
  17. ABC is a triangle in which angle ABC = 90°
    p and q are integers such that
    the coordinates of A are ( p, 10 )
    the coordinates of B are (–1, –5 )
    the coordinates of C are (8, q)
  18. The functions f and g are such that
    f(x) = x + 25 g(x) = x2 – 12x
    The function h is such that h(x) = fg(x)

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