Edexcel Jan 2021 IGCSE 4MA1/1FR

Edexcel IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 4MA1/1FR.

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Edexcel Jan 2021 IGCSE, 4MA1/1FR questions (pdf)

  1. The table shows the heights, in metres, of five mountains.
    (a) Which of these mountains has the greatest height?
    (b) Write the number 5895 in words
    (c) Write down the value of the 8 in 4810
    (d) Work out the difference between the height of Aconcagua and the height of Puncak Jaya.
  2. Caroline has a bag containing 10 counters.
    In the bag there are
    7 red counters
    2 blue counters
    1 green counter
    Caroline is going to choose at random a counter from the bag.
  3. Here is a quadrilateral.
    (a) What is the mathematical name of this quadrilateral?
    (b) Measure the size of the angle marked x.
    (c) On the quadrilateral, mark with arrows (») a pair of parallel lines.
    The quadrilateral has four angles.
    (d) How many of these angles are right angles?
  4. Iwan is going to buy the following items
    1 plant pot at £8
    3 bags of soil at £4.50 for each bag
    some packets of seeds at £1.10 for each packet.
    Iwan has a total of £30 to spend on these items.
    He buys as many packets of seeds as he can.
    Work out how much change Iwan should receive.

  1. The diagram shows the point A and the line CD on a grid.
    (a) Write down the coordinates of point A.
    The point B has coordinates (4, –2)
    (b) On the grid, mark with a cross (X) the point B.
    Label the point B.
    (c) Write down an equation of the line CD.
  2. Here is a shape made of squares.
  3. Cate asked the 60 members of a leisure centre how many times they had each visited the leisure centre last week.
    The table gives information about her results.
  4. (a) Simplify a×a×a×a
  5. Sabbir has some boxes of bananas and some sacks of tomatoes.
    The weight of each box of bananas is the same and the weight of each sack of tomatoes is the same.
    The weight of 3 boxes of bananas is 42kg.
    The weight of 8 sacks of tomatoes is 68 kg.
    Work out the total weight of 9 boxes of bananas and 15 sacks of tomatoes.
  6. The diagram shows the isosceles triangle ABC in which AB = AC
  7. On the grid, draw the graph of y = 3 – 2x for values of x from –2 to 3
  8. Rose and Haydn share £250 in the ratio 2:3
    Rose gives all her share of the money to charity.
    Haydn gives 42% of his share of the money to charity.
    Rose gives more money to charity than Haydn gives to charity.
    Work out how much more.
  9. A circle has diameter 18cm.
    Work out the area of the circle.
    Give your answer correct to 3 significant figures.
  10. E = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12}
    A = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12}
    B = {3, 6, 9, 12}
    (a) Complete the Venn diagram below for the setsE, A and B.
  11. (a) Expand 5(3a + 4)
  12. Show that
  13. Given that a < b < c
    the four whole numbers a, a, b and c have
    a mode of 7
    a median of 8.5
    a mean of 9
    Work out the value of a, the value of b and the value of c.
  14. (a) On the number line, show the inequality –2 ≤ y < 1
  15. A train journey from Paris to Amsterdam took 3 hours 24 minutes.
    The total distance the train travelled was 433.5 km.
    Work out the average speed of the train.
    Give your answer in kilometres per hour.
  16. The diagram shows a cuboid and a cylinder
    . The dimensions of the cuboid are x cm by 12cm by 5 cm.
    The volume of the cuboid is 270 cm3
    The radius of the cylinder is x cm.
    The height of the cylinder is 2x cm.
    (a) Work out the volume of the cylinder.
    Give your answer correct to the nearest whole number
  17. (a) Make c the subject of
  18. Kuro invests 50 000 yen for 3 years in a savings account.
    She gets 2.4% per year compound interest.
    Work out how much money Kuro will have in her savings account at the end of the 3 years.
    Give your answer correct to the nearest yen.
  19. The diagram shows a regular pentagon, ABCDE, a regular hexagon, CFGHID, and a quadrilateral, EDIJ.
  20. (a) Find the highest common factor (HCF) of A and B.
  21. The diagram shows one face of a wall.
    This face is in the shape of a pentagon with exactly one line of symmetry.
    Omondi is going to paint this face of the wall once.
    He has to buy all the paint that he needs to use.
    The paint in each tin of paint Omondi is going to buy will cover 16m2 of the face of the wall.
    Work out the least number of tins of paint Omondi will need to buy.
    Show your working clearly.

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