3rd Grade Math Word Problems (Addition & Subtraction)

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The following are some examples of 3rd Grade Math Word Problems for addition and subtraction that uses the Singapore Math block diagram or modeling problem solving techniques.


3rd-grade math addition word problems


Allen saved $1570. Sally saved $1936 more than Allen. How much did they save altogether?


Step 1: Find how much Sally saved.

Addition Word Problem

1570 + 1936 = 3506

Sally saved $3506.

Step 2: Find how much they saved altogether.

1570 + 3506 = 5076

They saved $5076 altogether.


3rd-grade math subtraction word problems


An oven cost $860. A washing machine cost $135 less than the oven. Find the change received by Ben if he paid the cashier $1000 for the washing machine.


Step 1: Find the cost of the washing machine.

Subtraction Word Problem

860 – 135 = 725

The cost of the washing machine was $725.

Step 2: Find the change received.

1000 – 725 = 275

He received $275 in change.

More examples of solving 3rd Grade word problems using bar models
(1) 134 girls and 119 boys took part in an art competition. How many more girls than boys are there?
(2) Mei Lin saved $184. She saved $63 more than Betty. How much did Betty saved?
(3) John read 32 pages in the morning. He read 14 pages less in the afternoon.
a) How many pages did he read in the afternoon?
b) How many pages did he read altogether?

More examples of solving two-step word problems using bar models
(1) Jamie picked 17 flowers and Lindsey picked 12. They gave away 20 of the flowers. How many flowers were left?
(2) 125 children took part in a mathematics competition. 54 of them were girls. How many more boys than girls were there?
(3) Ali collected 137 stamps. He collected 27 stamps less than his sister. How many stamps did they collect altogether?

How to solve two-step word problems using bar models?
50 children attended the birthday party. 13 children left during the first hour. 9 children came in during the second hour. How many children were at the birthday party then?

How to solve a 3rd Grade Math Story Problem with Subtraction using Bar Modeling
A shopkeeper sold 659 pens. He sold 53 more pens than pencils. How many pencils did he sell?

How to use the comparison model to solve a given 2-step problem on addition and subtraction?
Bakery A sold 2088 muffins. Bakery B sold 621 more muffins than Bakery A. What is the total number of muffins sold by the two bakeries?

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