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Two-Dimensional Shapes Grade 1

Eureka Math/EngageNY grade 1 module 5 lesson 1 Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Grade 1, Module 5, Lesson 2

Worksheets for Grade 1, Module 5, Lesson 2

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Grade 1 students learn how to find and name two-dimensional shapes including trapezoid, rhombus, and a square as a special rectangle, based on defining attributes of sides and corners.

Common Core Standards: 1.G.1

Topic A: Attributes of Shapes

Lesson 2 Concept Development

Learning Goal: I can name shapes using their attributes.

Lesson 2 Homework

1. Color the shapes using the key. Write the number of shapes you colored on each line.

2. a. A triangle has ____ straight sides and ____ corners.
b. I colored ____ triangles.

3. a. A hexagon has ____ straight sides and ____ corners.
b. I colored ____ hexagon.

4. a. A circle has ____ straight sides and ____ corners.
b. I colored ____ circles.

5. a. A rhombus has ____ straight sides that are equal in length and ____ corners.
b. I colored ____ rhombuses.

6. A rectangle is a closed shape with 4 straight sides and 4 square corners.
a. Cross off the shape that is NOT a rectangle.
b. Explain your thinking

7. A trapezoid is a closed shape with 4 straight sides with at least 2 of those sides the same distance apart across the length of the side.
b. Explain your thinking

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