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Eureka Math/EngageNY Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 23 Common Core Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Kindergarten, Module 3, Lesson 23

Worksheets for Kindergarten

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Kindergarten students learn how to reason to identify and make a set that has 1 more.

Topic F: Comparison of Sets Within 10

Lesson 23 Concept Development And Problem Set

Draw 9 birds. Draw enough worms so that each bird gets one, but also draw an extra one for a snack for later. Use your ruler to match each bird to its worm. How many birds are there? Write the number. How many worms are there? Write the number. Show your picture to your friend.

How many snails?
Draw 1 leaf for every snail and 1 more. How many leaves?

How many pterodactyls? Draw 1 fish for every pterodactyl and 1 more. How many fish?

How many squirrels? Draw 1 acorn for every squirrel and 1 more. How many acorns?

Roll the die. Draw the number of dots in the first box. Then, draw a set of objects that has 1 more. Write the number in the box.

  1. Think about the birds and the worms you drew at the beginning of math today. What could you say about the sets of birds and worms?
  2. On the Problem Set, what did you do to make sure you drew a set with 1 more?
  3. Talk to your partner about the second page of the Problem Set. Pick one box and talk about the number you rolled and how many objects you drew. (Encourage them to talk about hidden
    partners if applicable. For example, how many puppies are playing? How many are eating?)
  4. What math vocabulary did we use today to communicate precisely?

Lesson 23 Homework

How many cats?
Draw a ball for every cat and 1 more.
How many balls?

How many elephants?
Draw a peanut for every elephant and 1 more peanut.
How many peanuts?

Learning Goal

I can identify sets of objects that are 1 more.

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