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Eureka Math/EngageNY Kindergarten, module 5, lesson 12 Common Core Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Kindergarten, Module 5, Lesson 12

Worksheets for Kindergarten

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Kindergarten students learn how to represent numbers 20 to 11 in tower configurations decreasing by 1, a pattern of 1 smaller.

Topic C: Decompose Numbers 11 to 20, and Count to Answer “How Many?” Questions in Varied Configurations

Lesson 12 Concept Development And Problem Set

Peter was sitting at lunch eating his French fries. He counted 8 left on his plate. He ate 1 French fry. He ate another French fry. Then he ate another French fry. How many French fries did Peter have then?

  1. What do you notice when you look at your work?
  2. How is your drawing like the towers you made?
  3. How many cubes did you remove from your tower each time?
  4. When you take one off, does the number get bigger or smaller?
  5. How is this work similar to the story problem of the French fries?
  6. How is what we did today alike and different from what we did yesterday?

Lesson 12 Homework

Write the missing numbers. Then draw X’s and O’s to complete the pattern.

Learning Goal

I can build towers from 20 to 10, showing 1 less.

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