Science Experiments in Videos

This is a series of science experiments in videos covering concepts taught in Schools and High Schools.



Bernoulli Effect - Science Theater 17
The Bernoulli Effect - one of the principles involved in helping airplanes fly!



Thermal Conduction - Science Theater 19
Ever boil water in a paper cup? The power of fire and flames is harnessed to explain how heat can move around from place to place.



Pendulums - Science Theater 20



Motion in Two Dimensions - Science Theater 21
If you can drop it, you can throw it. Dr. Carlson throws stuff around to show how projectiles fall. (Also known as 2-dimensional motion)

Shoot the Monkey - Science Theater 22
Dr. Carlson shoots a monkey in this classic demonstration of two dimensional motion. If you want to hit an object that is about to be dropped, do you aim above, at, or below it? The answer is a few short minutes away.




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