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Horizontal And Vertical Graph Stretches and Compressions

Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help PreCalculus students learn about horizontal and vertical graph stretches and compressions.

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Horizontal And Vertical Graph Stretches and Compressions. (Part 1)
The general formula is given as well as a few concrete examples.
y = c f(x), vertical stretch, factor of c
y = (1/c) f(x), compress vertically, factor of c
y = f(cx), compress horizontally, factor of c
y = f(x/c), stretch horizontally, factor of c
y = - f(x), reflect at x-axis
y = f(-x), reflect at y-axis
Horizontal and Vertical Graph Stretches and Compressions. (Part 2)
This video discusses the horizontal stretching and compressing of graphs.

Graph Transformations about the X-axis and Y-axis
This video talks about reflections around the X axis and Y axis.(Part 3)
In this video we discuss the effects on the parent function when: Stretched Vertically, Compressed Vertically, Stretched Horizontally, Compressed Horizontally.

The Transformation y = f(bx) – Compress Horizontally :
There are different types of math transformation, one of which is the type y = f(bx). This type of math transformation is a horizontal compression when b is greater than one. We can graph this math transformation by using tables to transform the original elementary function. Other important transformations include vertical shifts, horizontal shifts, and reflections.
This video explains to graph graph horizontal and vertical stretches and compressions in the form a*f(b(x-c))+d. This video looks at how a and b affect the graph of f(x).
This video reviews function transformation including stretches, compressions, shifts left, shifts right, and reflections across the x and y axes.

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