Geometric Sequences

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Geometric Sequences :
A list of numbers that follows a rule is called a sequence. Sequences whose rule is the multiplication of a constant are called geometric sequences, similar to arithmetic sequences that follow a rule of addition. Homework problems on geometric sequences often ask us to find the nth term of a sequence using a formula. Geometric sequences are important to understanding geometric series.

How to find the general term of a geometric sequence.



This video introduces geometric sequences.
Determine the nth term of a geometric sequence. Determine the common ratio of a geometric sequence. Determine the formula for a geometric sequence.



A Quick Introduction to Geometric Sequences.
This video gives the definition of a geometric sequence and go through 4 examples, determining if each qualifies as a geometric sequence or not!



Geometric Sequences and Series
A short introduction to geometric sequences and series



Math Skills & Equations : Solving Math Sequences
There are two kinds of math sequences that can be solved: arithmetic sequences and geometric sequences. An arithmetic sequence is solved by adding or subtracting the same number, while geometric sequences use division and multiplication. Learn more about solving math sequences .




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