Fundamental Counting Principle

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Fundamental Counting Principle :
Given a set of possible events, we often want to find the number of outcomes that can result. We can do this using the fundamental counting principal. For example, the fundamental counting principal can be used to calculate the number of possible lottery ticket combinations. The fundamental counting principal can be used in day to day life and is encountered often in probability.

How to use the fundamental counting principal.



Examples of using the fundamental counting principle



Counting Principles
This video demonstrates how to find the total possible number of options for given situations. For example if you have 3 shirts, two pants and 4 hats, how many different outfits can you pick?



Multiplication Principle - Counting Techniques.
A fundamental idea to count the number of ways that some event can happen.



Examples of using the fundamental counting principle.

This video explains how the fundamental counting principle can help you determine the number of possible outcomes or combinations very quickly.




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