Binomial Distribution: Find Critical Values

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Hypothesis Testing - Critical Values - Two Tail Test - Binomial Distribution
In this example you are shown how to find the upper and lower critical values and the actual significance of a test.



Statistics : Hypothesis testing critical value method for a Binomial Distribution example 1
Quite often we can find the critical value for a given test and also this can be used an alternative method of testing a hypothesis



Hypothesis testing - Finding an Upper Critical Value for the Binomial Distribution
In this example you are required to work out the upper critical value for a Binomial Distribution. A particular drug has a 1 in 4 chance of curing a certain disease. A new drug is developed to cure the disease. How many people would need to be cured in a sample of 20 if the new drug was to be deemed more successful at curing the disease than the old drug to obtain a significant result at the 5% level?




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