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Can I Find Out More Detailed Information About My Results?

All students have access to a free, more detailed online score report on With the online report, each student can access a copy of their essay.

For certain test dates, the Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) is available for a fee. You can see the actual questions and correct answers, as well as whether you answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted the question. QAS includes information on question types and levels of difficulty. You will have access to a copy of your essay via your free online score report.

For all other test dates, Student Answer Service (SAS) is available. SAS does not provide the actual questions, but it does send you a list of question types and difficulty levels, along with a description of how you answered the questions. Again, you will have access to a copy of your essay via your online score report.

Check the test calendar to determine whether your test date is eligible for QAS or SAS.



What Is A Good SAT Score?

While many students and parents ask that question, there really isn't an answer. A good score on the SAT is different for each student, and depends on where you want to go to college.

Here are some rough, unofficial estimates of the average SAT score at various schools. The average isn't necessarily the score you need to get into a college (there are plenty of other factors involved for example your High School Record, interviews, activities, accomplishments, essays and recommendations). However, it's a good estimated figure if you're trying to decide whether your SAT score is good enough.


Unofficial Estimates





University of Virginia




Iowa State


Ohio State






Indiana University


The College Handbook by College Board provides information about SAT scores of enrolled freshmen at each college. You would be able to check, more accurately, if your scores and high school scores are in line with the scores and grade point averages at a campus you sre interested in.



When Will I Receive My SAT Scores?

You will receive your online score report approximately 19 days after administration of the test. The mailed, paper scores will take about 6 weeks to arrive.

How Would Colleges Receive My SAT Scores?

After you have received your SAT score, you can request that your scores be sent to Colleges of your choice by performing a simple SAT upload at the College Board website. The College Board recommends that you work with a high school guidance counselor to develop a list of schools that should receive your SAT scores.

Will Colleges See All My SAT Scores?

Yes - there's no way around it. Colleges will see all of your SAT scores. Fortunately, they tend to only look at the best score. But admissions counselors often say that they don't like to see more than 3 SAT scores, so try to take the test less than 3 times.




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