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Learn English 22 - Complaining
Learn to use the past continuous or past progressive tense to talk about what you were doing. In this beginner English lesson you will see a man complaining about his unpleasant vacation. He uses the past progressive tense to describe what happened during his trip.



Learn English 25 - Office Party
Learn how to use tag questions to ask for confirmation of your statements. In this beginner English lesson you will see two colleagues talking about an office party planned for the coming weekend. One colleague is asking the other about the details of the party events.



Learn English 27 - Clothes
Learn how to talk about things you are not sure about in English using "may", "might" and "maybe. In this beginner English lesson you will see two friends trying to decide what to wear to a party. You will learn how to use "may" and "might" to express things that may happen but that are not certain.



Learn English 28 - Office Phone
Learn the most common phrases and expressions for making phone calls in English. In this beginner English lesson you will see two phone conversations. You will learn how to answer the phone, how to ask to speak to someone, and how to take a message. You will also learn how to cancel an appointment and reschedule for another time.


Learn English 32 - Planning a Trip
Learn how to construct superlatives in English like "the biggest" or "the best". In this beginner English lesson you will watch two friends talking about where to go on a beach vacation. They describe which types of beaches they like best. You will learn the English grammar to make superlatives using the "-est" ending on short adjectives and "the most" for longer adjectives




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