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Learn English 17 - Vacations
Learn to talk about your vacation plans in English using "going to". In this beginner English lesson two friends are talking about their travel plans for the holidays.



Learn English 18 - Weather
Learn to describe the weather in English using comparatives. In this beginner English lesson you will see two friends comparing the weather in Shanghai to the weather in Los Angeles. You will learn how to construct simple comparative sentences in English using the "-er" ending for adjectives.



Learn English 19 - Pets
Learn to compare different types of pets in English using adjectives that describe personality. In this beginner English lesson you will see two friends talking about what type of pet they could get. You will learn several adjectives to describe personality. The teacher will show you how to make comparisons using "as" to describe equality and "more than" to describe inequality.



Learn English 20 - Babysitting Job Interview
Learn what types of questions may be asked at a simple job interview in English and how to use the present progressive tense. In this beginner English lesson you will hear a woman being interviewed for a babysitting job.




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