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Learn English 74 - Investor
Learn how to give more information about a subject using defining relative clauses in English, such as "Jim is the man who has a beard". In this advanced English lesson you will see two colleagues talking about a visit from their investor. As they talk about how the visit went, they use several relative clauses to make each other understood.



Learn English 75 – Getting Help
Learn the most common vocabulary and expressions for talking about traffic accidents and getting help in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see two friends talking about an accident one of them has just been in. You will learn some of the most common ways of describing a car crash and useful expressions for talking about injuries.



Learn English 76 - Office Tour
Learn how to use "quite" and "rather" to express the intensity or degree of an adjective, and the differences between these two words. In this advanced English lesson you will see a woman giving an office tour. Her visitor asks questions and makes comments about the business using "quite" and "rather".



Learn English 77 - Studying English
Learn how to use connecting words like "well" and "for example" when explaining why you are learning English. In this advanced English lesson you will see a student talking to her examiner about why she is studying English and what her future plans are for her studies abroad.




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