English Idioms - Monkey, Mouth, Music, On the Tip of the Tongue

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Monkey Idioms - BBC Learning English (The Teacher)
The Teacher introduces us to three idioms associated with monkeys.



(mouth idioms)
In this video we learn about English idioms with regard to 'mouth'



Idioms in English - Music
Want to know what it means when someone says you're "fit as a fiddle"? This lesson will be music to your ears, as it features six common music related idioms. Enhance your conversation skills with this lesson!



American Slang & Idioms - ON THE TIP OF THE TONGUE
This is a phrase which means to have something that is on the verge of being remembered. This expression comes from the idea that the thing is just about to be said but can't quite make it out of the mouth. The phrase also means barely inaccessible. For example, you can say, "I can almost remember her name; it's on the tip of my tongue."




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