Types of Chemical Reactions

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In this lesson, we will learn

  • Double Replacement Reaction
  • Net Ionic Equation
  • Types of Reactions



Double Replacement Reaction
In a double replacement reaction, two compounds swap atoms forming two different compounds. Like single replacement reactions, metals always replace metals and nonmetals always replace nonmetals. Double replacement reactions often produce precipitates when non-soluble compounds are produced.

Recognizing and understanding double replacement reactions.



Double Replacement Reactions

This reaction demonstrates double replacement (ion exchange) reactions with a demonstration.



Net Ionic Equation
A net ionic equation is an equation for a double replacement reaction which shows only the reacting ions and omits the spectator ions.

How to write a net ionic equation.



Practice Writing Net Ionic Equations
Work through several examples of net ionic equations. Recognize that differences exist between different solubility tables because they are a simplification, and that in reality, solubility is a spectrum from very soluble to very insoluble, and the cutoff between soluble and insoluble is not always drawn in the same place.

The examples worked are these:
Ca(NO3)2 + KF
BaCl2 + H2SO4 
Sr(C2H3O2)2 + Li2S
Ca(OH)2 + Na3PO4



Types of Reactions
Scientists classify different types of chemical reactions using their behavior. Types of reactions include single displacement, double displacement, synthesis, decomposition and combustion.

The different types of chemical reactions.



This lesson describes 5 types of Chemical Reactions; Synthesis (Combination), Decomposition, Single Replacement (Single Displacement), Double Replacement (Double Displacement), and Combustion. We also look at combustion vs incomplete combustion.




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