Science Experiments in Videos

This is a series of science experiments in videos covering concepts taught in Schools and High Schools.



Eddy Currents - Science Theater 23
Sure, Spiderman can stop a block of falling metal, but so can science! Find out how magnets force electrons to move around in little circles, which can cause a falling piece of metal to slow down and nearly stop. Magnetic brakes on your roller-coaster, anyone?



Angular Momentum - Science Theater 24
Ice skaters spin faster by hugging themselves tight, but what does that have to do with riding a bicycle? In both cases, the law of conservation of angular momentum is in effect. Watch a few more angular momentum examples!



Waves - Science Theater 26
Waves of light, waves of sound, waves of water, waves of fire. Wait, waves of FIRE?



The Doppler Effect - Science Theater 27
When cars go screeching by your ear, their pitch changes due to the Doppler Effect. See and hear the Doppler Effect explained before your very eyes! Learn how the Doppler Effect even helps astronomers look at stars.




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