A percent can be expressed using the percent symbol %, for example: 

10 percent or 10% are both the same.

A percent is equivalent to a fraction with denominator 100, for example: 

40% of car sales = of car sales = of car sales

Percent and hundredths are basically equivalent. This makes conversion between percent and decimals very easy.

To convert from a decimal to a percent, just move the decimal 2 places to the right, for example:

0.15 = 15 hundredths = = 15%.

Converting from percent to decimal form is similar, only you move the decimal point 2 places to the left, for example:

5% = = 0.05



The following video shows an example of writing a decimal as a percent.

The following video shows an example of writing a percent as a decimal.



The following video shows more examples of converting decimals into both fractions and percents.




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