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Multiplication Word Problems (2-step word problems)

Here are some examples of multiplication word problems that can be solved in two steps. We will illustrate how block diagrams or thinking blocks or tape diagrams can be used to help you to visualize the multiplication word problems in terms of the information given and the data that needs to be found. Block diagrams are used in Singapore Math.

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A jacket costs 3 times as much as a pair of shoes. If the pair of shoes costs $56, what is the total cost of the jacket and the pair of shoes?


Step 1: Find the cost of the jacket.

56 × 3 = 168

The jacket costs $168

Step 2: Find the total cost of the jacket and shoes.

168 + 56 = 224

The total cost of the jacket and shoes is $224


Betty needs 2245g of sugar to bake some cookies. She has 4 packets of sugar. The mass of each packet of sugar is 500g. How much more sugar does she need?


Step 1: Find the total mass of the 4 packets of sugar.

500 × 4 = 2000

Step 2: Find how much more sugar she needs.

2245 – 2000 = 245
She needs 245g more sugar.

Susan has 400 sheets of paper. She gives 5 sheets of paper to every student in a class. There are 62 students in the class. How many sheets of paper has she left?


Step 1: Find the number of sheets of paper that she gave out.

62 × 5 = 310

She gave out 310 sheets of paper.

Step 2: Find the number of sheets of paper she has left.

400 – 310 = 90
She has 90 sheets of paper left.

How to identify the operations in two step word problems by using problem solving steps and a model?
How to solve a two-step multiplication word problem using a bar model?

Sally enters an eating competition with her friend Josie. Sally eats 27 hotdogs in two hours. Josie eats seven times more hotdogs than Sally does. How many hotdogs does Josie eat? How many more hotdogs does Josie eat than Sally?

How to solve a multiplication word problems using a bar model?

The second graders collect 65 books for the book drive. They put some of the books in boxes and have 25 books left to pack. The third graders have 4 times as many books in boxes. There are none left to pack. How many books do the third graders collect?
Step 1: Find the number of books that the second graders fit into the boxes.
Step 2: Find the number of books the third graders collect. How to solve a two-step word problem by drawing a picture and creating an equation?

Abe went running 4 days this past week. He ran 9 km each day. In that same week, Beth ran 15 fewer km than Abe. How many kilometers did Beth run that week?
Step 1: Find how far Abe ran that week?
Step 2: Find how far Beth ran that week?
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