Convert Mixed Numbers To Improper Fractions and vice versa

(Mixed numbers are called mixed fractions)



Convert Mixed Numbers To Improper Fractions

When converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, we calculate the numerator in the following steps:

Step 1: Multiply the whole number by the denominator

Step 2: Add to the numerator of the fractional part

The denominator is not changed


Write the mixed number as an improper fraction.




Convert Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers

To change an improper fraction to a mixed number we divide the numerator by the denominator.

The quotient (the result of division) is the whole number of the mixed number.

The remainder is the numerator of the fractional part of the mixed number.


Write the improper fraction as a mixed number.


If there were no remainder the improper fraction would simplify to a whole number. For example



This following video illustrates how to convert from a mixed number to an improper fraction and vice versa.




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