Calculating the Inverse Of A Matrix



Before we can find the inverse of a matrix, we need to first learn how to get the determinant of a matrix.

Determinant Of A Matrix









Calculate the Inverse of A Matrix

We will show how to calculate the inverse of a matrix by the following example:



Step 1 : Find the determinant.


Step 2 : Swap the elements of the leading diagonal.

Recall: The leading diagonal is from top left to bottom right of the matrix.


Step 3: Change the signs of the elements of the other diagonal.

( Change the signs of 8 and 5 )


Step 4: Divide each element by the determinant.



When a matrix has no inverse it is called a singular matrix.


The following video explains what is meant by the identity matrix and how to calculate the inverse of a matrix.

Finding Inverse Matrix
Demonstration on how to find the Inverse of a 2 x 2 matrix.

Inverse Matrices




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