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Matrix Addition and Subtraction

In these lessons, we will learn how to add and subtract matrices.

We also have a Matrix Calculator that will allow you to add, subtract or multiply 2x2 matrices. Use it to check your answers.

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Matrix Addition

We can only add matrices of the same order.


Matrix addition is very simple; we just add the corresponding elements.

It is not possible to add matrices that do not have the same order, as shown in the following example:

How to add two matrices together. If they both have the same dimensions (same number of rows and columns) then you just add up the numbers that are in the same spot.

Matrix Subtraction

Similarly, we can only subtract matrices of the same order.


We subtract the corresponding elements.

It is not possible to subtract matrices that do not have the same order as in the following example:

The following video gives an introduction to matrices and examples of adding and subtracting matrices.
Introduction to matrices
Define a matrix
Identify the dimensions of a matrix
Identify elements in a matrix
Perform matrix addition, subtraction and scalar multiplication.

How to add and subtract matrices?
Matrix Operations
Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying by a constant for matrices is discussed.

Matrix Calculator
Enter in two 2x2 matrices and select addition, subtraction or multiplication.

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