Hydrostatic Force

A series of free Calculus 2 Video Lessons from UNSW - University of New South Wales, Sdyney.



Hydrostatic Force - Basic Idea / Deriving the Formula.
In this video, I discuss the basic idea of how we compute hydrostatic force. I also discuss the general procedure of how we will approach a problem. I do not actually do an example in this video (but I do in other videos!).



Hydrostatic Force - Complete Example #1



Hydrostatic Force - Complete Example #2, Part 1 of 2
In this video, I show how to setup the integral to find the hydrostatic force against a semicircular gate. I actually compute the integral in a separate video



Hydrostatic Force - Complete Example #2, Part 2 of 2
In this video, I show how to calculate the integral we found in part 1. To integrate, I bust up the integral, evaluate part of the integral by thinking about it in terms of areas and use a u-substitution to calculate the other part




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