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Finding a Rate by Dividing Two Quantities


Video Solutions to help Grade 6 students learn how to find a rate by dividing two quantities.

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Common Core For Grade 6

New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Grade 6, Lesson 18

Lesson 18 Student Outcomes

While there is no physical way to divide two different quantities like (5 miles)/(2 hours), students make use of the structure of division and ratios to model (5 miles)/(2 hours) as a quantity 2.5 mph.
Interpreting a rate as a division of two quantities, or better yet a fraction, is the first step towards converting measurement units using rates later in the module, and dimensional analysis in high school.
They use this interpretation of a rate in word problems when multiplying a rate by a quantity.

Lesson 18 Summary

We can convert measurement units using rates. The information can be used to further interpret the problem.

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 6 Lesson 18 Classwork

Mathematical Modeling Exercises:

1. At Fun Burger, the Burger Master can make hamburgers at a rate of 4 burgers/minute. In order to address the heavy volume of customers, he needs to continue at this rate for minutes. If he continues to make hamburgers at this pace, how many hamburgers will the Burger Master make in minutes?

2. Chandra is an editor at the New York Gazette. Her job is to read over each article before it is printed in the newspaper. If Chandra can read words/second, how many words can she read in seconds?

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 6 Lesson 18 Problem Set

Sarah earns $15 per hour tutoring student-athletes at Brooklyn University.
If Sarah tutored for 12 hours this month, how much money did she earn this month?
If Sarah tutored for 19.5 hours last month, how much did she earn last month?


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