Arc Length in Radians

Videos, worksheets, games and acivities to help Algebra II students learn how to find the arc length in radians and how to use the arc length formula in various examples.



If the measure of the arc (or central angle) is given in radians, then the formula for the arc length of a circle is

Arc Length = r × m

where r is the radius of the circle and m is the measure of the arc (or central angle) in radians

Worksheet to calculate arc length and area of sector (radians).


Arc Length Formula - Example 1
Discuss the formula for arc length and use it in a couple of examples.



Arc Length Formula - Example 2
Use the arc length formula to estimate the height of a tree.



Finding Arc Length
How to find arc length using an angle measured in radians and the radius of a circle.



Radian Measure and Arc Length and Sector Area




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