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Adding Exponents

When multiplying numbers in exponent notation with the same base, we can add the exponents.


Text Box: a2 × a3 = (a × a) × (a × a × a)  = a2+3  = a5

This is the first law of exponents:

Text Box: am × an = am+ n


Simplify the following; give your answers in exponent form

Text Box: a)	33 × 32  b)	x5 × x3  c)


Text Box: a)	33 × 32 = 33 + 2    	= 35    b)	x5 × x3 = x5 + 3  = x8    c)

Common Error : The first law of exponents does NOT apply to addition of numbers in exponent notation.

Text Box: am + an   am+ n


The following video shows some examples of adding exponents.

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