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4th Grade Word Problems


The following are some examples of 4th Grade Math Word Problems that use mixed operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). These problems are solved with the help of block diagrams or bar models (Singapore Math).

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There were 42 mangoes in each crate. 12 such crates of mangoes were delivered to a factory. 4 mangoes were rotten and had to be thrown away. The remaining mangoes were packed into boxes of 10 mangoes each. How many boxes of mangoes were there?


Step 1: Find the total number of mangoes delivered.

12 × 42 = 504

The total number of mangoes delivered was 504.

Step 2: Find the number of remaining mangoes.

504 – 4 = 500

Step 3: Find the number of boxes of mangoes.

500 ÷ 10 = 50

There were 50 boxes of mangoes.


There were 9500 spectators at a football match. 6375 of them were men. Of the remaining spectators, there were 4 times as many children as women. How many children were there?


Step 1: Find the number of women and children.

9500 – 6375 = 3125

There were 3125 women and children.

Step 2: Find the number of women.

3125 ÷ 5 = 625

There were 625 women.

Step 3: Find the number of children.

625 × 4 = 2500

There were 2500 children.

Example: Dad bought two hammers. One cost $18 and the other costs $28 more. What was his total bill?
Example: Kyle is making 9 birdhouses. He uses 8 nails for each birdhouse. If Kyle has a box of 100 nails, how many nails will he have left after making the birdhouses?


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